LR Insights was founded by Jerry Haselmayer, and is currently lead by Joey Haselmayer – both of whom share an uncompromising commitment to doing things the right way and a history of results that mirror the best in the industry. They began with a breakthrough idea: that research companies can and should provide more than just reams of information. They should act as true business partners, extending their clients’ ability to provide actionable insight.


Nearly 20 years later, LR Insights has grown into a market leading research company – and continue to make market research something more than “data”. Through strategic thinking, flawless execution and superior storytelling, we make data meaningful: something our clients can communicate simply and act upon effectively.

What makes us a good company is what makes us a great company.



During this era of mega-conglomerates and corporate bureaucracy, LRI remains nimble, and privately-held with highly-involved ownership.

You get the extensive resources of a global research partner, with the benefits of small company agility and personal attention from people who know how to get things done.



We are tirelessly committed to client service and do whatever it takes to help them succeed. This begins with understanding their true organizational objectives.

That means working collaboratively, serving as an extension of your team, providing the highest quality execution and helping you share all findings within your organization. We’ve built our business by maintaining long-term relationships that deliver successful results, over and over.]



Our leadership team is comprised of industry professionals who understand not only the intricacies of contemporary market research, but where the industry is heading through the use of technology and creative facility design.

Most importantly, we understand what your business means to you.

Our Values


We do what other’s won’t do. Focus. Courage. Commitment. Being in business is a marathon, and we know the best brands need character and grit to finish strong.


Growing our client’s brand equity and market share are at the heart of everything we do. BUT, we also believe that every person seeks to improve – to get better – in big ways and in small.


Everyone says it.  We mean it.  We seek to understand objectives first, so that at the end – we know they have been achieved.


Our approach is built around delivering a world-class experience – combining top-notch hospitality and the best tools (process and technology).

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


We’re proud to be an independently-owned market research firm. We aren’t mired in a complex corporate web, and that gives us the freedom to do creative, exciting research.


Our research doesn’t just answer a point-in-time question, it serves as the basis for ongoing decision support.


We strive to understand respondents holistically, through their eyes, and to show you what their world looks like.


A market research degree is not critical in market research. Our team is composed of designers, journalists, psychologists, and economists.